Sacramental Preparation


In the Catholic Church, God bestows abundant grace on us through the sacraments and our participation in them. We often refer to the sacraments as visible signs of God’s goodness and grace. They are ‘doors to the sacred’. They certainly are significant moments in your child’s faith journey.  In this regard, the schools and parishes work closely together with families. The following is the information on Sacramental Preparation opportunities in each of our communities and the grades where it typically occurs.



St. Albert Schools

Morinville Schools

Legal School

First Communion

Gr 2

Gr. 3

Gr 3

First Reconciliation

Gr 2

Gr. 3

Gr 2


Gr 6

Gr. 3

Gr. 3

St. Albert




For questions regarding Sacramental Preparation, contact your parish.


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