Freedom of Information and Privacy (FOIP) Requests

The Alberta FOIP Act included school jurisdictions (as public bodies) on September 1, 1998 to ensure the public has access to information while protecting individual (personal) privacy. The process to make a FOIP request in our District is the same for all public bodies and is provided below through the provincial government.

The “Access to Records” page ( ) provides people with general instructions about how to access records from a public body, how to make a FOIP request for general information, how to make a request for personal information, and how to request a correction of personal information.

There are many documents that our District provides easy access to through our website including District Policies, Administrative Procedures, Financial Documents, Student Achievement Results and Annual Education Results Reports

Should you have any questions regarding Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools documents,  FOIP requests, or your protection of privacy please contact our Secretary-Treasurer, D. Schlag at 780-459-7711.

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