Alberta Education Student Transportation Survey

After the Alberta government acted to reduce school fees in 2017, many Alberta families have been talking about how students get to and from school and which students are eligible to receive student transportation services such as bussing (sometimes referred to as student eligibility). Some popular topics include:

  • how far away students must live from their “designated school” to receive bus services to and from school without paying additional fees. The current criteria is 2.4 kilometres
  • whether school authorities should be required to provide bus services to students who attend a school of choice; and
  • safety concerns related to whether the student receives those services

They are seeking input and would like to get your views on some of these issues in this short survey. These responses will help the government determine if changes are needed to the student transportation system, and if so, what changes to make.



Posted: May 16, 2018

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Jeannette Dedora said on May 20, 2017

You are doing a wonderful things for our youth. So much is needed to inspire our young people. Praise God for faithfulfulness and endurance. God is working through all your efforts. Pray will offered for all you are doing . God blesss you all.