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Contact tracing and public reporting of COVID-19 cases is returning to our schools

By now, almost everyone has been made aware that Alberta Health Services (AHS) will be changing some protocols regarding reporting and tracing COVID-19 cases within the schools in conjunction with Alberta Education.

While the guidance documents from Alberta Education are not yet available to us, we are confident that our current processes are well-aligned with the required steps moving forward.

At 2:45 pm today, AHS will publicize a list of schools across the province where two or more COVID-19 cases are confirmed.  Work is still being conducted between AHS and Alberta Education to confirm communication processes between schools.  

Beginning next Tuesday, schools will receive a list of students who have tested positive for COVID-19, and communication processes will be developed by AHS to send to the general population and students who were close contacts.  

We are confident that through the disclosures of our families over the last three weeks, there will be no surprises to our school communities.  

We will continue to inform you of changes, including updates with our Return to School Plan.

To view the announcement from Tuesday, October 5, please click here.

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