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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

One of my favourite Christmas stories is A Northern Nativity, by William Kurelek.  The book is compelling because of its provocative message and the pictures that depict the story.  In his story, William dreams about the first Christmas coming to the Far North.  The situations that are simply described have vivid pictures showing the Holy Family in remote Canadian locations that include a rural road, mountain trails, a farmhouse, woods outside of the Nation’s Capital, a boatman’s house, and even a lumber camp.  Throughout the story we are asked to contemplate upon two questions:

If it happened there, why not here?

If it happened then, why not now?

This story represents the challenge that the celebration of Christmas brings to us.  As we welcome Jesus being reborn into our lives yet one more time, can we share it with the joy of the first announcement of God coming to dwell among us with others?  Why wouldn’t we choose to find new ways to share this joy with others through our daily living all year long? 

On behalf of all who work in our schools,  I wish all of our supporters a special renewal of the christian spirit this Christmas season.  May the gift that Jesus brings grow within you throughout the year so that old wounds will be mended, new relationships will flourish among you, and loved ones will grow in their affinity for you.   

May the way, truth, and life of Jesus grow daily with you so that you can make the first nativity a source of joy in everything that you do in 2018.

In January, we begin in earnest to plan for the next school year.  Watch for upcoming opportunities to connect with us in stating what is important to you about our school system.  It is through your ongoing input into our schools that we discover how the classroom and the home can unite in being responsive to the needs of students.

God bless,

David Keohane


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