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Evidence of Student Success in 2017-2018

This is my last message for the school year.  Through the year, I have provided snapshots of great developments in our district.  But one can’t always rely on being “process proud” about how we work together for our students.  At some point, the work of everyone who supports the classroom needs to translate good intentions, and effective strategy into evidence of success.  I am pleased to articulate a few outcomes that highlight the quality of work that our staff provide for our students.

The Government of Alberta released the updated Accountability Report on our school district.  This report highlights the success that we have demonstrated in the area of dropout rates, students eligible for Rutherford Scholarships, and transition rates to post-secondary.  For the first time since the province has provided it is this accountability report, our District’s dropout rate is lower than 1% and 65% lower than that of the province. In addition, three out of four students who graduate are scholarship eligible.

Talented and highly engaged personnel contribute significantly to these results.  Our staff, whether school based or at a district support level, work together in support of a 13-year educational journey where students believe that they will graduate from school, learn to their potential and in ways they learn best.

To that end, I am pleased to celebrate that for the second consecutive year, our district has received a global Great Workplace Award from the Gallup Organization.  In achieving this award, our 600 staff members join a prestigious group of 38 for-profit and not-for-profit organizations who standout in engagement from a demographic of 11,848,731 employees world-wide.

As the school year ends, it is nice to convey how our motto “faith in our students” translates into success for them.   We owe such praise to our staff, students, and families, who invest their futures in our schools.  They are the reason that our reputation around student success is outstanding. Moreover, people who apply for work in our district continue to confirm that our reputation is the single most important variable in attracting talent to our jurisdiction.

Earned good news is ultimately the best kind of news that we can convey.  Thank you to our parents for your support and to our talented employees for making it real.  May all families and employees have a blessed and safe summer break.  I look forward to continue celebrating our excellence as we embark upon another year of learning in the 2018 – 2019 school year!


God Bless,

David Keohane, Superintendent

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