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Furthering Faith in Our Students

When a new District motto was selected nine years ago, many were attracted by the double meaning of the message within Faith in Our Students.  We should not forget that our schools exist to teach through the lens of our faith, and deepen a Christ-centred faith within our students through the process.  But we should remember that schools also achieve great things for students because we believe in the God-given capacity of students to grow in learning, moral purpose, and relating well with others.

Many events will take place in October that further awareness of our motto coming alive in our school communities made possible by our teachers working with students.

October 2 - Memorial Day of the Holy Guardian Angels – where we remember that through our link to our guardian angels, we are constantly connected to heaven, and God’s promise of our eternal salvation.

October 4 - District celebration of Staff Long Service – when we honour those reaching milestones in dedicating their work to the benefit of our students.

October 5 - World Teachers’ Day – a time when we recognize the transformational efforts of teachers through the world who contribute to the growth of societies where they work.

October 2 – 6 - READ IN Week – a time when leaders in our communities will share in the wonder and benefits of reading with our elementary students.

October 5 & 6School Celebrations of Canadian Thanksgiving – a time when students can reflect upon the bounty of our earth, the generosity of our loving God, and people who give of their time to further our sustenance and growth and development.

Throughout October - High School Awards Ceremonies – occasions when the contributions and achievements of students over the past year are celebrated by staff and parents.

October 16 - Election Day for School Trustees – an event which enables stewardship and the rights of our publicly funded faith-based model to a make a difference in our society and continue in its proud legacy.

All of this happens to reflect our motto and its few but important words. Our motto will have even deeper meaning through the revelation of success in every learning encounter of the 2017 – 2018 school year.

As your superintendent, I am so excited to represent a district that is growing in geography through the additions of the Namao and Carbondale Districts, growing in enrollment through steady increases in our service areas, and growing in achievement through our exemplary learning results.

But I am especially thrilled to engage in those touch points with our schools when Faith in Our Students comes alive and I can witness our staff and students working together to make it happen.   As a case in point, at the time of concluding this message, I am packing Mo Willem’s, The Thank You Book into my briefcase and heading off to a “READ IN Week” adventure in our elementary schools.  Please join me throughout this school year celebrating the many significant ways that Faith in Our Students becomes visible through the ongoing dedication of teachers, students, and parents working within our school communities.

God bless!

David Keohane

Superintendent of Schools

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