Celebrating the Outcomes of Catholic Education

The late leadership and management guru, Peter Drucker, had an expression to demonstrate the worth and moral imperative of collaborating to developing plans — “all planning needs to degenerate into hard work.”  Over the past month, my administrative team and I have been reviewing our testing results, graduation rates, and other qualitative measures that are important to the Government of Alberta, our Board of Trustees, and the public that supports our schools.  Once again, I am proud to celebrate the hard work, expertise, and student-centric approaches of our school learning communities that have made our accountability reports for 2017-2018 the envy of the province.

For some, Catholic education can be misinterpreted as a privatized initiative that does not serve mainstream society.  To the contrary, our Catholic schools value more than anything their contribution to the public good. Our impact on society is most significantly felt when students, regardless of their circumstance are recognized as being equal in the image and likeness of God, and deemed to be capable of fully realizing their unique gifts.  When our staff nurture this belief, our graduates become outstanding contributors to society through relationships and career pursuits.  Most importantly, through their formation, our students become global citizens for others.  Our Catholic schools welcome all to this mandate, and the world becomes more caring, and invested in the needs of everyone, when our educational mandates contribute to this outcome.

This explains why we are proud to celebrate that:

  • District performance exceeds the Province on average 5% on all measures set by the Ministry.
  • The Percentage of students exceeding results in provincial achievement tests at the acceptable standard and standard of excellence is at least 10% higher than other students provincially.
  • The District’s drop-out rate is 44% lower than the rest of the province.
  • The Percentage of students completing high school in 3 years is 10% higher than the province.
  • Our Indigenous students’ drop-out rate is 44% lower than all other students in the province, compared to being 27% lower in the previous year.
  • Our Indigenous students’ high school completion and transition into post-secondary rates have significantly exceeded results for all students within the province by 9% and 5% respectively.

At the end of the month, the District will be submitting an annual report to the Ministry and the public that highlights these outcomes and what contributes to our success.  Thank you to all of our families for supporting our schools and may our results substantiate the reasons you have chosen our schools and a Catholic education.  

As the first educators of your children, we look forward to supporting your belief that your children will change the world in big and small ways because of the Christ – centered focus that is Catholic education. 

God bless,


David Keohane, Superintendent of Schools

Posted: November 8, 2018

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