Praising Hearts of Gold

Neil Young, the famous singer-song writer, who many believe is still going strong, wrote a song early in his career about the illusiveness of discovering “a heart of gold.”  We can only guess if, through his writing, he was thinking about discovering a good heart within himself or in others; but, in the end, the song speaks to our longing for our hearts, like gold, being characterized for their goodness, purity, and significant value.

The Christian faith reminds us that our hearts are strengthened just as gold is strengthened when we withstand trials in our lives and realize that through our patience, persistence, and sacrifice of ourselves to all that is good, trials do come to pass.  To paraphrase the many biblical references to “God the Refiner,” part of accepting this relationship to the Creator involves being tested by “fire,” and because of this, being purified as gold. As the writer James Merritt points out, whenever we feel heat, we ought to remember that God loves us, and when allowed to, transforms our lives.  St. Peter reminded the early church community that through witnessing to the example of Jesus, our faith becomes even stronger than gold and reveals through time a future that is truly blessed.

The journey of Lent that leads us to Easter is currently our best example to prove how we never lose gold status through living as children of God.  We are all living this story in real-time as we persist in educating students, despite experiencing a global pandemic.  At this time, we can only convey that we discover the “heart of gold” within and around us when we respond to this test through revealing our talents and a great sense of conviction for the success of our students.

I pray like all of you that the impact of COVID – 19 will quickly dissipate, and that our routines will soon be returned to normal.  But I am also incredibly strengthened in my personal faith, when I see first hand how our staff believe in their students through their adaptability and ingenuity in educating them despite such a substantial interruption to our school communities.

As we proceed through the month of March and beyond, we are blessed that such goodness and opportunity persists through our educational mandate, despite the trials that we face.  Thank you to parents and staff for your partnership, patience,  and persistence in keeping the education of students first in your minds.  We will continue to pray that the strength of your shared bond with our children will remain strong despite our temporary physical distancing from each other.  Let’s also be thankful that, through this trial, our “hearts of gold” are not elusive to anyone, but are front and center in their beauty and become even more purified as we proceed with plans to enable students to learn, live fully, and serve others.


God bless,
David Keohane, Superintendent

Posted: March 20, 2020