Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education is guided by the District's mission statement by providing "a welcoming learning community that awakens the hearts and minds of students while educating and nurturing each to learn, live fully and serve others."

The District is recognized provincially for the Inclusive Education Model which offers a continuum of supports and services that provide students with equal opportunities to achieve their full potential. We know that all students come to school with varying strengths, interests and diverse learning needs. In response to this, we provide universal, targeted and individualized academic and behavioral supports in community schools and classrooms, while embracing learning environments that are inclusive, flexible and responsive to students and parents. . 

Through the development of a pyramid of academic and behavioural supports, the diverse learning needs of students are met within the context of the regular classroom and Alberta Education’s Program of Studies to the greatest extent possible. Specialized anchor programming is facilitated by teachers in a few schools to those students who require a different curricular focus and personalized learning plans. Every school has a learning team that includes the principal, vice principal, counselor, pedagogy (technology) lead and a learning support facilitator. The team guides and assists staff with providing universal, targeted and intensive individualized supports and strategies for students. District and regional service providers are available to collaborate with the school learning team upon request.

Programming options for students with diverse learning needs include:

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