Registered Apprenticeship Training

"I highly recommend RAP to any student interested in the trades. I appreciate the assistance this program provided in helping me find an employer willing to hire me as an apprentice electrician. I am really enjoying my job!" Julia Sheedy

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) allows you, the student, the opportunity to be enrolled in high school, and also work as a paid apprentice. The program is designed to allow students to  simultaneously complete high school and 1000 hour towards the 1500 required hours for the first year apprenticeship in a designated Trade.  

What are the trades in Alberta and do I need to be certified to take part in a trade?

There are 49 trades in Alberta

List of Trades in Alberta

Are you ready for RAP?

List of videos about the trades - under Promotional Material tab.

Who do I see about RAP in my school?

RAP is a program that is coordinated by the following people at each high school:

  • École Secondaire Sainte Marguerite d'Youville: 
  • Morinville Catholic High School: Mr. Terry Maslyk
  • St. Gabriel Catholic High School: Ms. Tracy Delhez
  • École Secondaire St. Albert Catholic High School: Mrs. Teresa Rieger and Mrs. Assunta Runco

What do I have to do to become a RAP student?

1.  Pick a Trade (there are over 50 to choose from).

2.  Find an employer 

3.  Complete the paperwork and the prerequisite HCS 3000 Workplace Safety Systems Course, have a good attendance record, be enrolled and passing the prerequisite high school courses for your chosen Trade and in line to graduate. 

4. Start working and earning money! RAP is flexible, meaning you can work part-time, half days or full days, in the summer or sometimes even after you graduate. We will work together with your employer to set a work schedule that compliments your high school graduation requirements and the requirements for your Trade.You can earn up to 40 high school credits through the RAP program.

After graduating high school and completing your first period hours (about 1500) the next step is to do the technical training or schooling component of your apprenticeship. About 80% of your time will be spent working on the job and the other 20% will be in the classroom.You will continue the cycle of working the required hours and completing the technical training periods in your trade with the goal of becoming a certified journeyperson. 

Beginning your apprenticeship in high school will be get you a head start on an exciting career choice in the Trades.  

Further information and details about apprenticeship can be found at: and Careers: The Next Generation

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