Candidate Information by Ward

Ward 1 - St. Albert & Area

BECIGNEUL, Joe - (Incumbent)

I believe we must work collaboratively with the Ministry of Education to ensure long-term, sustainable government funding remains in place for Catholic Education.

As the Ministry of Education conducts their curriculum review over the next several years, it is crucial that the Greater St. Albert Catholic School District is well represented in any changes to the new curriculum. It is imperative that the Ministry recognize these necessary changes, particularly around advances in technology, to properly prepare all students for the future.

Of importance, I believe we need to secure sustainable funding for Catholic Education combined with strong partnerships with our Parish Communities. The Board of Trustees must ensure that the resources entrusted to them are aligned with the strategic goals of the division and that the dollars are allocated to classrooms.

I will be monitoring the effectiveness of our current programs, both academic and extra-curricular, to ensure they are current, are meeting the needs of our students and staff and that they are fiscally sound.

I believe my last fifteen years of government relations experience makes me the ideal candidate to position the Greater St. Albert Catholic School District as a leader in Education.

I have served on numerous Boards, including the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce, Chair in 2009, the Northern Alberta Business Incubator, Chair from 2014 to 2017 and St. Albert Minor Hockey, as Board secretary from 2013 to 2017 and Referee in Chief from 2009 to the present.

 CECELIA, Brigitte  - (New)

Prolife advocate from conception to natural death, Brigitte Cecelia is fully immersed in the life of the Church not only as a daily Mass attender but a lifetime of community service stemming from the Church choir at the young age of 5 to currently sitting as Parish Pastoral Council at the Archdiocesan parish of St Joseph’s Basilica.  Brigitte’s long history of stewardship includes sitting on Liturgical committee as the coordinator of Altar servers, Children Liturgy, Social Justice and Social Action committees, and many more, always including her favorite, as greeter.  Currently, Brigitte is a lector, is the local Coordinator for Together We Serve, a member of the prestigious Archdiocesan Cathedral choir, EM and CWL, and of course, greeter.

Brigitte Cecelia’s sense of stewardship and dedication to the Church will ensure that every Catholic School board decision will always be in accordance to the Truth of the Gospel.

Brigitte advocates that since the Alberta government maintains that parents are perpetually held as the primary educator of their children then parents must maintain the right to direct, and be fully informed, about all aspects of their children’s education including a transparent curriculum development focused on clearly defined and foundational skill outcomes. Anything less suggests that it is not educational; It is social engineering!

We Are The Public!  …is Brigitte’s response to the maintenance of funding to support a wide range of educational choices, including independent, faith-based schools, charter and alternative schools, and all forms of home education.   Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools Ward 1 owes it, not only to our community and the province, but for Canada’s sense of democracy to remain a public funded board.  Look upon our history, perhaps the banner on our Little White School House that reads St. Albert R.C.P.S.D.3., because, we are the public.  Provincial education started right here, in St Albert, Alberta.

You likely have met Brigitte at her recent part time employment at St Albert’s largest and newest liquor store or in the recent past as a Triathlon and Competitive Swimming coach investing many hours for her athletes at Fountain Park Pool and Servus Place or at local competitions in the sport or participating in local competitions at music festivals and art shows.

Aware of the influence of 1904- 52 John Dewey-isms impacting contemporary education Brigitte Cecelia’s passion as a Catholic educator has enabled her familiarity and attentiveness to curricula, learning goals and outcomes as the rubric of education.  Guidance, Governance, Protection, and Keeping It Catholic, the trials our Catholic schools face today, is the reason Brigitte Cecelia’s bulletin ads, flyers and signage declare that the Biggest Bully in Our Catholic Schools is the contemporary Provincial Government.

Strong voice and strong faith committed to the Church and its mission is what is needed today as a St. Albert Catholic School Trustee and compels Brigitte to run.

You have come to know the personable, responsible stewardship, with contagious enthusiasm and attentive Catholic governance of Brigitte Cecelia. Preparing for our Tomorrows Today and Always for the Glory of God, we know and remember that The FOUNDATION of UNITY is EDUCATION that Promotes TRUTH.


CROCKETT, Joan - (Incumbent)

I am pleased to be putting my name forward as a trustee candidate for GSACRD. As a retired Catholic teacher with a passion for education and lifelong learning, I would be honored to continue addressing the needs of students while working collaboratively with senior administration and community stakeholders. It has been a privilege to serve as a Catholic trustee for the last 8 years and see our District be recognized for outstanding education results. It is a privilege and honor to work in a District with such an exceptional reputation and I look forward to supporting the opening of Sister Alphonse Academy if re-elected.

My experience includes over 30 years of teaching in both a rural and urban setting. As a trustee, I have served as chair and vice chair of the Board, as a representative for ASBA Zone 2/3, a representative of ATA and CUPE negotiations, a member for ACSTA and Alberta School Boards’ Insurance Exchange, as well as numerous local committees. Serving both locally and provincially has given me a greater understanding of the issues facing our families as well as insight into the government’s mandate on education. As a community member, I serve at St Albert Parish, volunteer at Star Literacy and the Blood Donor Bank, and ring the Kettle Bells for Salvation Army during the Christmas season.

If re-elected, I am committed to addressing the needs of all students, teachers, and parents while meeting the standards set out by Alberta Education and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Parents are seeking a strong variety of programs and supports, be it accessibility to sport and wellness activities, language programming, technology, or fine arts. I am committed to integrating as many of these programs as possible within the District’s allocated budget.

GEREIN, Austin - (New)

I am running for election as a Catholic School Board Trustee because I believe that each person is made in the image and likeness of God and therefore has a unique variety of gifts and abilities. I believe that the goal of every school system must always be the development of these various talents to the maximum potential that each individual is capable of achieving.

I also believe that we must concern ourselves in a Catholic School System with the practice of a way of life, as instructed by Jesus Christ, based on love, respect and concern for others—in other words, we must pass along our Catholic Faith to our students.

I believe that Trusteeship is Leadership, which:

  • involves those affected by decisions in the process of making those decisions;
  • creates an atmosphere in which it is acceptable to take risks without fear of failure–an atmosphere which empowers people;
  • encourages individual growth to maximum potential;
  • is characterized by advocacy;
  • facilitates the development of school system vision/goals;
  • marshals the necessary resources to assist in the achievement of individual and system goals;
  • recognizes the worth and contributions of others; and,
  • is characterized by the ability to follow.

I believe that my education, work and life experiences and my personal characteristics will enable me to be an effective Catholic School Trustee.

  • I have been married to my wife Cathy for 47 years and we have two married children.
  • I hold a B.A. and a B.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan; a Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration from the University of Regina; and, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Special Education from the University of Calgary.
  • My 43 year career in education as a Teacher, Principal and Director of Education includes having worked in Saskatchewan, Australia and Alberta (substitute teaching.) I have taught at various grade levels in Separate and Public schools, and in Catholic private schools. I have administered two K-12 rural schools in Saskatchewan. I have been the Director of Education for three school divisions in Saskatchewan: Estevan Catholic, Shamrock S.D., and Creighton S.D. I also drove a school bus.
  • I am a committed, dedicated, loyal, positive, enthusiastic, energetic, positive, flexible, outgoing, and friendly person. I like people and I like working on teams on challenging initiatives which require consideration of all positions and discernment as a means to achieve the best possible outcomes and benefit for others.
  • I have proven leadership skills and strong interpersonal skills including excellent listening skills.
  • I have been active in my parish in the various communities in which we have lived, including:
    • Member of the K of C since 1964 - currently with Br. Anthony Council at Holy Family Parish
    • Chairperson of Parish Pastoral Council and Deanery Pastoral Council
    • Member of the Regina Archdiocese Pastoral Council
    • Lector since 1979 - currently at Holy Family Parish
    • Eucharistic Minister and Choir member
    • Organized and taught an adult Bible study program
    • I have been an active volunteer in every community in which we have lived.

In summary, I believe that the two most important things that we can do for our young people is to pass on our Catholic Faith and to provide them with an education that is appropriate for the 21st century. I also strongly believe that I can contribute to this process as a Trustee. Moreover, as a grandparent with grandchildren in the Greater St. Albert Catholic School system, I CARE.

I ask that you consider me as one of your four possible choices for Catholic Trustee on October 16th.

SCHELL, Greg - (New)

As a parent who has a son enrolled in our Catholic school system, I am running for Catholic School Trustee to ensure:

  • Less top-down, "one size fits all" Alberta Education policy thinking. Instead, let’s collaborate and create more "Made in St. Albert Catholic" solutions by engaging students, parents, teachers, support staff, local parishes and trustees.
  • Promote parental choice and Catholic education.
  • Call for open consultation and transparency as Alberta Education reviews the Education Act, curriculum changes and testing in core subjects.
  • Lobbying the province for more stable student funding to continue offering great programs like pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, French immersion, special needs, sports academies and the International Baccalaureate.
  • Each student has the opportunity to learn in a bully-free environment.

Today’s students will be our country’s leaders in 2050. We need to give our children the gifts of academic knowledge and Catholic faith values to develop and apply the life skills of personal responsibility, respect, teamwork and sense of community. To compete in the 21st Century global economy, there should be more emphasis on STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and design and mathematics) that will inspire innovation and creativity.

For more than 150 years, Catholic education helped build St. Albert into one of Canada’s best cities in which to live and raise a family. With today’s challenges and opportunities, we must work together to keep Catholic education even more relevant.

My academic achievements include both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Calgary. I have applied my knowledge of strategic management, financial analysis, business ethics and negotiations throughout my professional career.

SHAW, Serena - (Incumbent)

I am very happy to be seeking Re-Election for the office of School Board Trustee with GSACRD. I have served one four year term and feel that I can still be of service and value to our Catholic Schools. My faith plays a very important role in the everyday life of my family. I am a happily married mother of two, and I still have one child in the Catholic System in St. Albert. I work as the Music Coordinator and WYD Coordinator at St. Albert Parish. I am also very involved with the Youth Ministry. I believe in the Home/Parish/School relationship and work towards strengthening that at every opportunity. I believe in lifelong learning, and as such, am working towards my Youth Evangelization certificate and the Catholic School Trusteeship certificate through Newman College. I received my Liturgy certificate in my last term on the Board.

I have an awareness of our evolving society, locally and globally. This will help me to lead the community, while at the same time, seeing through the lens of the Catholic World View. I also have a strong understanding of governance, especially the unique role that the Catholic School Trustee has. I believe in working closely with the Bishop to fulfill the faith mandate of the Catholic Trustee. I have experience working with different levels of government, through collaboration and lobbying.

I believe strongly in the faith of our students, their families and our staff, and look to support growth in this area. I will work at maintaining and improving the role that GSACRD plays as a leader in the province in the area of Inclusive Education. I will continue to advocate for success of our First Nation, Metis and Inuit students.

I have been a student, parent, employee and Trustee for Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools. I have served on a number of committees with the City of St. Albert, and was a volunteer with the Special Olympic National Winter Games in 2012. I was also very involved as a parent volunteer with school councils before I was elected. I will continue to use the experiences from these roles when governing as your elected Trustee.

Ward 2 - Morinville & Area

RADFORD, Noreen - (Incumbent) Acclaimed

I am aware of the roles and responsibilities required of a trustee and that we are accountable to the public. I have the time, the knowledge and most certainly the dedication to fulfill this role.  As a Catholic school trustee, I actively promoted the welcoming and caring nature of our schools and I truly believe that fully funded Catholic education belongs in our province. I am a regular attendee at St. Jean Baptiste Parish and am a CWL member. In the future I would advocate for a liaison role between our school board and our local parish council.   I have been both Chair and Vice-chair and on all committees at one time. I am the rep on the newly formed Audit, and First Nations, Métis, Inuit leadership committees plus I have taken the Indigenous Canada course from the University of Alberta. 

In the Morinville ward, we see the land being prepared for our new St Kateri school. Advocating and lobbying for the advancement of this project has been top of mind during my trusteeship.  It is my wish to be able to see the completion of this school while representing the Morinville Ward. Since our town is growing, it is vital that a partnership be maintained and enhanced between all levels of government.

Communication with our stakeholders has always been my focus and will continue to be so.  In order to understand the demographics and the needs of a community, I feel that visibility is the key.  I will continue to provide trustee reports in advance, attend all school functions when invited, attend, church and town events, and be a part of town council meetings either online or in person.

Our education system is undergoing a transformation of the curriculum. I will continue to participate in the discussions in regard to school and transportation fees, age of student entry or exit, or the method of sharing curriculum knowledge between various parties. Our board has one of the strongest performing records in the province. Preparing strategic plans and advocating for the fiscal resources is a role I understand and will continue to work towards.

If there are further questions as to why I am running, what my achievements, on the board mean for you and how I can continue to assist providing the best education services for you and your child, please contact me at


TREMBLAY, René - (Incumbent) Acclaimed

I have enjoyed my two years as trustee and look forward to the opportunity to continue:

- Advocating for stronger publicly funded Catholic education in Alberta.

- To support and grow French Immersion in our District.

- Working as an active member of our District's First Nations, Métis and Inuit Leadership Committee, with a commitment to build and foster ongoing relationship with our Indigenous communities.


Ward 3 - Legal & Area

CHAMPAGNE, Jodi-Lynn - (New)

I was born and raised just four miles from the Town of Legal and have three wonderful boys that currently attend Legal School in grades 1, 3, and 5. In addition to supporting the school community, I am also a bus driver and enjoy the daily interaction with children a great deal.

Considering myself a "people person" and having given a great deal of thought to the decision to run in this General Election, I believe I would be a great advocate for the Legal area and the District in general. My family fully supports my decision to run and I see this as an opportunity to be more involved in education and make a difference for children, including my boys. I hope I can count on your support now, with your vote in October, and over the next four years if I am your chosen representative.

PROULX, Cathy - (Incumbent)

Why am I running?

  • I believe all students should have equal access to a great education.
  •  To represent the Legal ward, a small rural community of 1500, ensuring it’s K-9 school remains a strong viable school of choice.“Schools are the Heart of the Community”
  •  I will work to maintain strong academics and advocate for enhanced CTS choices, school sports and extra-curricular clubs, keeping Legal school a high quality community school.
  •  To ensure Greater St. Albert Catholic School District remains a top performing school board in the province.
  •  To promote and protect Catholic education as a choice for our students.
  •  I am committed to building healthy school communities by advocating for the right resources to help our students and staff be more resilient to the challenges facing them today and in the future, with mental health on the rise.
  •  To oversee the completion of two new schools and a couple modernization projects and to also work with municipalities to ensure school boards are part of the municipal planning when it comes to available school sites.
  •  I will continue to monitor fees for items that are considered supplemental education costs, to not disfavor students as the government is making changes to the school and transportation fees.
  •  I have the knowledge, time and passion to serve the students of GSACRD with my past experience of being a trustee, a life-long resident of Legal and my job in the Family Literacy industry.
  • I will listen to your concerns and advocate for you fairly and professionally.