Our Catholic Faith

Have you considered a Catholic Education for your child?

In Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, our faith is celebrated in all we do.  It is who we are. Our liturgical calendar invites us to recognize events in the Church, and to celebrate their meaning, especially Christmas and Easter. In a Catholic School, faith is a regular part of the school day.  Although there are many opportunities for prayer throughout the day, and throughout the seasons, this is certainly not the only occasion to bring faith into the classroom.  
The physical environment in our schools reflects our beliefs and helps to display what we hold to be true and valuable.

Our faith is rooted in our relationships.  Our staff model and witness the Catholic faith in all they do, and in their relationships.  Staff will share the faith through their experiences, hearts and spirits.

Our faith is connected to the Church, and the sacraments through our schools' partnerships with the parishes. We invite you learn more about our Catholic Schools.

Religious Studies Programs

We respect students as gifts from God and welcome students from all religious backgrounds who wish to participate in a Catholic school environment. In St. Albert, religious education is compulsory in grades K-12. In Morinville and Legal, religious education is optional at all grade levels. Prayer is an integral part of our environment. Many parents of non-Catholic Christian denominations, or no particular faith, are very satisfied with our programs.

A commitment to a Christ-centered education is reflected in our district's schools. The uniqueness of our Catholic tradition has been integrated into the curriculum and is evident in the spirit of our schools.

Our school district continues to provide a heritage of excellence rooted in and centered on the gospel. In this environment, an individual can develop his/her potential to the maximum. This development includes:

  • Christian Attitudes
  • Liturgical Formation
  • Academic Skills
  • Service Opportunities
  • Basic Knowledge

Our greatest assets are our well-trained dedicated teachers and staff who provide the model and example for our children.

Our religious education curriculum in the elementary grades features themes that include In God's Image, We Belong to God, We Belong to the Lord Jesus, In the Spirit We Belong, Come and See, May We Be One, and You Shall Be My Witnesses. The junior high curriculum programs are Believe in Me, Stand by Me and Be With Me. The focus of religious education in the senior grades is Christ and Culture, Believing, and In Search of the Good.

Curriculum instruction is reinforced in our schools through faith nurturing opportunities including, classroom prayers, school celebrations, retreats, guest speakers, school creeds, Annual Blueprints Day, SPICE (Sharing Purpose in Catholic Education), ROOTS, family celebrations, support for parish sacramental programs, school morning prayer, Advent projects, Lenten activities, and social justice projects.

Religious Life and Christian Family Life Program

This foundational program of our school district provides the basis of our mission and vision. Through prayer, celebration, and education we engage students and staff and their culture with the person of Christ, and promote the many gifts of the institutional Church. Workshop topics such as stewardship, prayer, justice, sports, and Islam are examples of how we engage students and staff in dialogue between faith and culture. The program provides religious resources and coordinates service and charitable responses to local and international appeals where appropriate.

For information contact Colin Loiselle, Religious Education and Christian Family Life Consultant by email at cloiselle@gsacrd.ab.ca or by phone at 780-459-7711.

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