Why Choose GSACRD?


Compassion. Inclusion. Community. Opportunity. These are the guiding principles of the Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools. 

At GSACRD, we are driven to provide an environment in which students are free to be themselves, strive to be their best, and have pride in their accomplishments. Each student is unique in how they learn, how they grow, how they interact, and at GSACRD we work to provide individual students with the structure and learning environment best suited to their needs. 


Every student is different, and every student belongs. 

For nearly 30 years, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools has been helping students build foundations for strong education, fitness, mental health, and social interactivity. Inclusivity is at the heart of our schools, providing a safe, welcoming environment for all.  

“There’s a place for everyone. Everyone has an opportunity to use their strengths, and everyone is encouraged to do their very best.” 

~Gillian Brinston-Kurschat, Vice Principal, Holy Family School 


Specialized programming available to suit students’ unique needs. 

Specialized programming is available to help students develop in areas unique to them, such as sports academies, French immersion, as well as inclusive education programs and behavioral supports. 

GSACRD offers Rec Academy, an advanced physical education program that provides sporting activities beyond the traditional curriculum. Students participate in sports that build both physical and mental health, such as yoga, rock climbing, golf, curling, among other sports. 

“Rec Academy is a program [that allows them] to try an unlimited number of activities that we can fit into a school year.” 

~Marc Loiselle, Lead Teacher, Rec Academy Holy Family 


If your child needs additional support in their education and development, our value-based, student-centric, inclusive education programs provide individualized learning to meet your child’s unique needs. At GSACRD, we believe in equal opportunities for all students. 

“[Some students] come to us with no or very little language, and then when they leave our program they’re speaking and playing. It’s amazing to see the growth.” 

~Allison Lessard, Specialized Students Support Coordinator 


A community for students of all denominations 

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools welcomes students from all denominations to learn through their faith and spirituality. Our Christ-centered learning community is built on diversity and compassion, providing each student the building blocks for a positive, faith-driven future. 


Give your child the best opportunity to thrive. Join Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools today. 


More videos showcasing why GSACRD is a great choice: