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Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

Teacher and students working at laptop

Should students bring their own technology for use at school?

Students from grades 4 - 12 are encouraged to bring their own robust devices to personalize their learning experiences. When students have ongoing access to a robust device, they are empowered to communicate with peers and experts; work collaboratively; research and use data to solve complex problems; create new knowledge and publish with multiple media.  

What is considered a "robust" device?

Robust devices are those that work reliably, have a separate keyboard and display and have a battery life that lasts for a good part of the school day. Chromebooks and laptops are some of the most common robust devices used in our schools.

Is there a preferred device recommended by the school or district?

When trying to determine the best type of device for your child, consider the type of tasks your child needs to complete with the device.  There are key differences between a Chromebook and a laptop.  

Chromebook, which is usually less expensive than a laptop, runs on the Chrome operating system and functions primarily when connected to the Internet.  The applications on a Chromebook live in the cloud as do most of the files you create.  Students can sign in to a Chromebook using their school Google account and have access to documents, spreadsheets and presentations software as well as file storage.  There are additional Chrome Apps that can be installed for different purposes.  The lower cost of the Chromebook, as well as its ease of use, make it a popular choice among students and parents.

On the other hand, a laptop runs on either the Mac or Windows operating system.  Many of the applications and files on a laptop can be stored directly on the device. If your child enjoys photo and video editing, he/she may need the full functionality of a laptop.  We request that laptops used in our schools have the Chrome web browser installed so students can access their school Google Accounts.

What if my child doesn't have a device to bring to school?

We will ensure that all students have access to the technology needed to be successful in our schools. Our schools are equipped with extra devices for use during the school day.

If you have any questions about types of devices or access to technology please contact Heather Flynn at hflynn@gsacrd.ab.ca