Bus Fee Schedule & Walk Guidelines

Important Changes to Eligibility for the 2023-2024 School Year

The government changed Tthe eligibility rules for students registered to ride the school bus effective in the 2023-24.  Based on these changes to eligibility GSACRD is able to reduce transportation fees assigned to families. Transportation anticipates that we will continuem to see an increase in ridership for the 2024-2025 school year. Therefore, it is very important that applications for busing are submitted by the June 15th deadline, as we need to ensure we have enough buses and drivers to acccommodate this increase. 

2024-2025 Fee Schedule

Division Bus Pass Fees

Type by Grade and location Eligible funding distance Year fee
K-6     ELIGIBLE RIDER 1km or more to designated school $175
7-12   ELIGIBLE RIDER 2km or more to designated school $175
K-6     INELIGIBLE RIDER Under 1km to designated school $245
7-12   INELIGIBLE RIDER Under 2km to designated school $245
Cross-Boundary   RIDER Not attending designated school $300
Out of Division    RIDER Resides outside of the division $325
2ND Bus Access ** *50% of applicable fee *
Max Family Rate 3+ RIDERS Only applies to eligible riders $545
Replacement bus pass and sleeve   $20
Replacement sleeve ONLY   $5

** Kindergarten Noon Routes, where available, are not considered 2nd bus.

2024-2025 Fee Waiver Form





Does your child require transportation from an alternate location?

* Your child may be assigned a second bus access fee over and above the individual bus pass fee.  This additional access fee is charged if your child requires transportation from two separate locations that would require access to two bus routes.  The fee will reflect where the 2nd bus address is located.

Please note:  The access to an additional bus fee does not apply when the second bus is a kindergarten noon-hour run.

Walk Distances


Walking Distances  to a Bus Stop    
Elementary 400m*  
Junior High/Middle School 600m*  
Senior High 800m*  

*Walk distances to Bus Stops are guidelines only and may need to be adjusted to a greater distance when necessary or required.

*All measurements for distance calculations will be determined by District Routing Software

If you experience any difficulty accessing or working in the Parent Portal, please call Transportation at (780) 459-7711 or email transportation@gsacrd.ab.ca for assistance, which will be happily provided.

Note: Transportation is provided to those families who apply for transportation and who live more than 2.4 KM to their designated school.  Transportation may be provided to those families who apply and reside outside of the walk boundary surrounding the school, where no transportation is available. 

The walk boundary distances surrounding schools are as follows: Elementary School is 1 KM, Junior & Senior High is 1.6 KM walking distance using all walking paths and green spaces. In these Walk boundaries, there is no transportation available.

Email Transportation