Curriculum K-12

What do students learn from kindergarten to grade 12?

Alberta Education's Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum is outlined in Programs of Study that identify what students are expected to learn and be able to do in all subject and grades ( Currently, Alberta Education has adopted Inspiring Education as the platform to prepare our students for the 21st century.

This direction will assist our educators to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities of a constantly evolving world.  This will include identification of competencies and attributes that are important to the success of our students.

Engaged Thinker – Alberta must cultivate students with an inquisitive, engaged mind.  Students that are prepared to ask “why?” and think critically about the answers they receive.

Ethical Citizen - Knowing the answer is not enough.   Our children and grandchildren must be ethical, compassionate and respectful to truly grow and thrive.

Entrepreneurial Spirit – To shape innovative ideas into real-world solutions, our education system should develop motivated, resourceful and resilient citizens. Alberta would do well to encourage our students to be bold, embrace leadership and actively seek new opportunities. 

You can learn more about Inspiring Education through the following link:

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools offers educational programming in English and French Immersion settings. A full dual-track French Immersion program is offered at district schools in Morinville from K-12, while single track French immersion program is available from K-12 at schools in St. Albert. At St. Albert Catholic High students can pursue a dual-track French Immersion program on-site. Previously, students would access this programming through a partnership with the Francophone School. 

Alternative delivery of curriculum is also available. This includes distance learning, St. Gabriel High School program (Grades 9-12), home education, and Learning Centres in each district high school.

For more details regarding the Alberta Education Program of Studies and other official curriculum documents, visit the Alberta Education web site at

Curriculum Handbooks for Parents

General and Catholic 2015 - 2016 Curriculum Handbooks for Parents, Curriculum Summaries for Kindergarten to Grade 9 and senior high school and the Curriculum Express for Parents, Kindergarten to Grade 3 are now available in both digital and print format. The handbooks, summaries and Curriculum Express will continue to support successful communication with parents.

The handbooks are also available for purchase from the Learning Resources Centre at 780-427-2767 (toll-free by first dialing 310-0000). An order form is also available on the website.

Your comments and insights on the content and format of the handbooks, summaries and Curriculum Express are appreciated and will help us ensure they continue to meet parents’ needs. An electronic feedback form is available on the website or in print at the back of each handbook.

Information about the handbooks, summaries and Curriculum Express will also be distributed to principals and school council chairs. (For further information, toll-free by first dialing 310-0000).


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