Division Engages Métis Local 1904 to Conduct a Traditional Land Study

On July 20, 2021, Dr. Kisha Supernant, Director of the Institute of Prairie Archaeology, along with a team of PhD and undergraduate students, used their ground-penetrating radar to scan the lands behind the Division Services Centre in an area on the north-west corner of Mission Hill.  Given the historic significance of the lands and in support of the work by Indigenous groups across the country the Division wanted to ensure the lands were free and clear of any human remains. 

The Division engaged the Métis Local 1904 St. Albert - Sturgeon to conduct a Traditional Land Use Study to identify any potential graves in advance of some planned construction. Father Mérer School (commonly known as the brick school) operated as a day school and occupied lands adjacent to the parking lot expansion area.

News Release 

Metis Local 1904 St. Albert – Sturgeon County - St. Gabriel Education Centre Parking Lot Extension Report

GPR Survey at Father Mérer School, St. Albert - Technical Report