Parental Controls

iOS Parental Controls for iPads and iPhones

In the most recent updates on Apple iOS, the Screen Time feature allows you to block or set time limits on apps.  You are also able to adjust settings on your iOS device to restrict explicit content, purchases and downloads. 

Apple's support page provides step by step instructions on setting up parental controls on an iPhone or iPad.

For a thorough explanation of Apple's Screen Time, check out this MacStories article.

Parental Control for Android Devices

Google Family Link app allows parents to change or limit some of your child's Google account settings, manage Android apps, limit screen time and restrict mature content.

For more information on setting up and using Google Family Link, click here

Check out the FAQ section to find out more about Google Family Link.

Parental Control Apps and Devices

There are several apps and devices that you can purchase to restrict and limit your child's online and device activity.  

FamilyTime is an application that allows you to monitor and manage your child's cell phone activities such as location, Internet usage, app limits and much more. FamilyTime requires a monthly subscription.

Disney's Circle is both a device and an app that works with your home Wi-Fi network and lets you manage every device connected to it. With circle you can limit and filter content, set time restrictions and schedule 'down' time. 


Cell Phone Agreements

Another idea is to have a contract with your child to set guidelines on device use. It’s important to involve your child in the contract making process. The contract may include when and where the device can be used, device etiquette, knowing your child’s passwords, device inspections and consequences for violating the contract. A search for teen cell phone agreements will provide you with sample agreements you can edit and adapt for use with your child.