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Register in One of the Largest Single Track French Immersion Programs in the Province.

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools prides itself on its French Immersion programs. Many parents and students consider knowledge of more than one language a valuable investment in the future. Six million Canadians define their first language as French. Our region is filled with families whose French grandparents and great grandparents settled the region in the early part of this century and the latter part of the previous century. This is evident in the many town and street names that pay tribute to them. Much of this French settlement followed the lead of clergy and members of religious orders sent westward from Quebec.

Our District has a long history of strong French Immersion programming. The strong francophone influence in the region dated back decades when specialized advanced French classes were being offered. The size of the French Immersion program has grown dramatically. More than 20 percent of the district's student population participates in our program making it one of the highest concentrations of Immersion students in Alberta.

French Immersion students have the option of two different program structures.

  1. Morinville schools offer dual-track French Immersion where parallel English and French Immersion classes are taught. St. Albert Catholic High School is now offering a dual-track program for students entering grade 10.
  2. A number of schools in St. Albert offer a single-track approach which features an environment dedicated entirely to French Immersion. Students also have the option of attending St. Albert High school and continue their French studies.

The commitment to excellence found in our English programming is also prevalent in French Immersion classes. This, perhaps, is one of the reasons why Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools has one of the highest immersion retention rates in Canada.

There are multiple goals for our French Immersion programming:

  • To prepare students to use and understand both English and French.
  • To prepare students to function in a bilingual work or home environment.
  • To give students a knowledge of the French language that will last a lifetime.

MERFIP Mandate (pdf download)

NEW! Alliance française d’Edmonton

The Alliance française d’Edmonton is a member of the Alliance française network which represents 1,040 Alliances françaises in 136 countries involving more than 450,000 students. The Alliance française d’Edmonton is a non-profit organization founded in 1947 by Paulette Crévolin. They offer, along with language classes, a variety of social and cultural activities: lunches, talks, exhibits, workshops. 

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