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Attendance Boundaries FAQs

St. Albert Ward 1 Boundary FAQs

What is considered a “designated” school?

All schools have an attendance area; if you live in the attendance area of the school this is considered your “designated” school. Designated schools are primarily for the purpose of busing and enrolment distribution.

If my child(ren) currently attend their designated school, and they are now designated to a different school, can we continue attending our existing school? Can I still access bus service?

Yes, all children can continue at the school they are attending. If they are currently in the attendance area for that school, and if eligible, they will also be able to access busing. This is what is referred to as “grandfathering.”

What do you mean by “grandfathering?”

If children are attending the school in the current attendance area boundary, the child(ren) will be able to continue at that school even if your neighbourhood is now designated to a different school. New siblings entering the same school as a grandfathered sibling, can attend that school as long as both students are registered in the same school year.

How long will my children be grandfathered for?

As long as the child attends their current school. Once the child moves to a new school, they will no longer be grandfathered.

If my child(ren) don’t attend their designated school, can we continue at the school?

Yes, but there would be no busing service available regardless of the distance from the school.

What neighbourhoods qualify for busing to Sister Alphonse Academy?

Busing will be provided for Sister Alphonse students living in Erin Ridge North.

My child is registered for kindergarten at a school where the attendance area has changed and we are no longer designated to that school, what do we do?

We would encourage you to register with the newly designated school. However, the Division has open boundaries and families can attend other schools, if space permits and you can provide transportation.

When will we know what bus fees will be for this year? How much will they increase?

Bus fees are being reviewed and more information should be available by mid-May. The Division surveyed families seeking feedback on bus fee increases as part of the review process.

Who is eligible for busing?

Students who live outside the walk boundaries and attend their designated schools. Fees are dependent upon the distance you live from the designated school. If children live more than 2.4 km from their designated school there will be no fees charged.

How do you measure the 2.4 km distance to school?

The District routing software measurements are used to determine distances. The parameters for distance calculation are listed in the  Education Act Section 59.1 (c) and School Transportation Regulation 96/2019, Section 2.