Transportation Registration is OPEN for the 2021-2022 school year

Please visit the Parent Portal to apply.

If you are NEW or need any help in the registration process, please call transportation at 780-459-7711 or email

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School Bus Inspections

Did you know that bus drivers are all commercial drivers and must abide by the same rules and regulations and inspections as other commercial drivers (e.g. truck drivers)?

Did you know that school bus inspections may include alcohol screening?

Please know that this screening is not because the driver is suspected of being under the influence. It is part of the new law enforcement protocol. 

During a school bus inspection, the driver will be required to submit to an alcohol screening test (breathalyzer), even if there is no suspicion of impairment. 

To learn more about school bus inspections and driving laws, please click here.


For a complete list of busing fees and Walk Guidelines please view our fee schedule and walk guidelines page

login to School Cash Online to pay assigned fees.


To apply for busing or to find your child's route schedule, please login to your Parent Portal here

 *All measurements for distance calculations will be determined by District Routing Software

If you experience any difficulty accessing or working in the Parent Portal, please call Transportation at (780) 459-7711 or email for assistance, which will be happily provided.

Note: Transportation is provided to those families who apply for transportation and who live more than 2.4 KM to their designated school.  Transportation may be provided to those families who apply and reside outside of the walk boundary surrounding the school, where no transportation is available. 

The walk boundary distances surrounding schools are as follows: Elementary School is 1 KM, Junior & Senior High is 1.6 KM walking distance using all walking paths and green spaces. In these Walk boundaries there is no transportation available.

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Division adopts new bus safety technology

The Division is pleased to announce that we will be enhancing the safety of our transportation services.

This includes installing by September 2021 interior cameras on all buses that service our schools. 

In addition, stop arm cameras and predictive stop-arm systems have already been installed on buses that service our rural communities. This will include areas where local bylaws allow the use of stop arms and 8-way red light flashing systems. 


Additional Information on Predictive Stop Arm Systems







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I am new to the Division how do I apply for busing?

If you are new to the division please call the transportation department at the Division office at 780-459-7711 and we can assist you with the process.

I no longer need the school bus for my child do I need to cancel our bus application?

Notifying the driver or not riding the bus does not constitute cancellation of busing.

Please use the form in the Parent Portal labelled "Bus Cancellation." Return your child's bus pass to the school office to complete the process. Please note cancellations cannot be completed verbally, all cancellations must be in writing to the Division transportation department using the Parent Portal forms.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel my child's busing?

If you cancel prior to the first day of school and have paid your busing fees, you will receive a full refund. Cancellations after the first day of school will receive a refund for full months remaining in the school year. There will be no refunds or reduction in fees assigned after January 31 of the current school year.

I have received multiple delay texts or notifications for my child's bus route what is my delay?

If you have received multiple notifications for a single bus route please use the following:

1. The last text/email message is the current delay to the route.  

2. Please send your child out to the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the delayed timing provided.


Please note that at no time would the delay be an addition of all notification sent.  It is only the time given on the last messaging you have received.

My child will be starting Kindergarten can you provide me some additional information?

Welcome to the GSACRD family please see the link below to our Kindergarten Transportation page with some helpful information.

If you need to speak with us directly you may call us at 780-459-7711 or email us at

Kindergarten Busing Page

Transportation Email

Is my Residence within the boundaries of Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools?

To access our Ward Maps and full Divisional ward boundaries please use the following link.

Ward & Divisional Boundaries

What are the school attendance boundaries for the area I live in?

Will I receive a reduction in bus fees for days my child does not ride the bus?

No, unfortunately the cost to deliver bus operations requires the division to pay contractors for the entire school year and all costs associated with transportation operations continue to remain unchanged. This is also true through the pandemic when school instruction moved online this past year on several occasions. At the same time, bus operations were active for those students who did require in person instruction.  School divisions were directed by the government to compensate contractors for all routes and all educational days on the division calendar at their normal rate(s). Costs to deliver transportation services remain unchanged.

Why did I receive credit last year? (2020-2021)

The division was not required to pay contractors their daily rate. The government allowed boards to negotiate a reduced rate for routes that were non-operational during that time.  As a result of lower contractor fees, the Board was able to approve a credit to families for three months service.  With reduced transportation operational costs we were glad to support families in this way.

What forms are available in the Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal allows access to the following forms:

Bus Application

Bus Cancellation

Bus Pass Replacement

Stop change request

Address change

Route Concern


Informational Videos for families.

COVID-19 Safety Video for students riding the school bus

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Red Lights Flashing?  NO Passing!

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Safety Video for our First Riders

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