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Nature Kindergarten

Nature Kindergarten

The Nature Kindergarten Extension is an extension program that fosters the God-given gifts and talents of the child in the natural environment. The kindergarten nature program nurtures the spiritual/social/emotional well-being of the child while building physical literacy, through interest play-based learning, giving space for curiosity, connection, and reflection of the world around them as they construct meaning, engaging in rich learning experiences.

Activities and explorations are planned to help instill the love of nature and to foster respect for all of God’s creation while learning about different cultures and Indigenous traditions.

The Nature Kindergarten program is located at École Sacré Coeur (St. Albert), Neil M. Ross (St. Albert), and École Notre Dame Catholic School (in Morinville).


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Nature Kindergarten Fees

The Nature Kindergarten Extension will follow the same hours as full-day kindergarten (5 days per week). The additional cost of $325 per month - the same cost as full-day kindergarten will be incurred for the program.

Please see the fee commitment form here.

School Locations of Program

The Nature Kindergarten will be offered at École Sacré Coeur, Neil M. Ross Catholic Elementary School, and École Notre Dame Catholic School (in Morinville).


Registration will open after the Kindergarten Expo in 2024.