Commemorating Our Legacy and Celebrating Growth: French Immersion Campus Events

Earlier this week, we proudly celebrated the unveiling and commemoration of three distinct spaces within our French Immersion campus. The event featured the unveiling of three significant names, each representing our dedication to honouring our rich history while fostering a vibrant and promising future.

The ceremonies began with a tribute to École Father Jan School, which closed its doors in 2023. This beloved institution has played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of many students over the years. As we honour its legacy, we look forward to a bright future, embracing new opportunities and continuing to build on the strong foundation laid by École Father Jan.

We also proudly unveiled the Marie Poburan Library in honour of École Marie Poburan. This renaming recognizes the school's central role in our French Immersion journey and is a testament to our dedication to preserving our educational heritage. Jennifer Smith, the granddaughter of Marie Poburan, joined us for the library commemoration and shared, "To the students who will walk these halls and fill this library with their curiosity and ambition, I want you to know that my grandmother believed in the power of following our passions. So, let this library be a place where you get lost in a book, where you discover new joys and pursue your dreams with determination and happiness."

The day's events culminated with unveiling our school's beautiful garden, now named in honour of St. Francis of Assisi. Blessed by Father Antony, this serene space will serve as a place of reflection and growth for our students.

These significant milestones underscore the immense value of our students, parents, and staff in shaping an exceptional French Immersion campus. Their dedication, passion, and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in creating an inclusive and dynamic learning environment. 

Principal Evan Holstein shared his thoughts on the day's events: "Today is a commitment to honouring our history, embracing our present, and inspiring our future. Our students, parents, and staff have all played a crucial role in shaping this French Immersion campus. We are inspired by their commitment to making this an exceptional educational community."

He added, "The growth we are experiencing is a clear indication of bilingual education's value to our families. It enriches their learning experience and prepares them for a global future. We are proud to see our program taking shape in a new and exciting way."

We are also proud to announce that our French Immersion program is experiencing record growth, a testament to our entire school community's hard work and commitment. This growth reflects the increasing recognition of the value of bilingual education and the exceptional quality of our program.

Contact: Shanlyn Cunningham
Manager of Communications, Marketing and Community Engagement