We have completed our analysis of the results of the School Re-Entry Online Education Survey. Thank you to all of the parents/legal guardians who responded to the survey.

Your input helped the Division determine the level of interest parents/legal guardians have in online education for their children. Your feedback also helps us to determine how best to support those students whose families prefer online education.

Below is a summary of the survey results.

  • # of participants: 3,735
  • Response rate: approximately 65% of all parents/legal guardians (100% if one parent/legal guardian from each family responded)
  • # of parents/legal guardians who requested online education for their child(ren): approximately 30%

What does this mean?
The survey results indicated clearly that there is enough interest in online education. Thus, GSACRD will create an online school for our students by re-allocating staff.

> > > Next steps: timeline for online education

  • Aug. 17-19: Principals will communicate with parents/legal guardians by email

  • Aug. 17-21: Staffing - we will determine who will be teaching courses (English and French) at each grade level

  • Aug. 21: Update will be sent to all parents/legal guardians

  • Aug. 24-28: Principals will communicate with parents/legal guardians to share important information about:

    - which teachers will be teaching online;
    - courses that individual students will take;
    - the process moving forward for starting classes; and
    - what students may need to take part in online courses.

    It is during this week that we will need parents/legal guardians to confirm whether they are proceeding with online education or face-to-face education for their child(ren).

  • Aug. 28-31: Teachers will communicate with parents/legal guardians about all details regarding programming, including:

    - course outlines
    - supplies
    - routines
    - assessments
    - check-ins and
    - teacher support 


Please reach out to your child's school directly.