Annual ThoughtExchange Survey

Our Board is proud of our community engagement through our annual Thoughtexchange survey. Historically, our community has had a response rate above 50%, which exceeds the standard response rate for surveys. The Board will review results from this exchange in the Spring, which will inform its decisions on the Division’s Strategic Plan and Three-Year Education Plan. The exchange is open to all families, staff, and students in grades four to twelve and interested community members. Please be sure to include your thoughts!

Key examples of how your thoughts have directly impacted our schools:

  • Last year, you highlighted the need to involve students as leaders in service, choosing charities, and taking active roles in liturgies.
    • This year, schools have adopted ministries in Catholic Social Services, and we have profiled students as leaders in service and liturgies.

  • Last year, you asked for increased feedback to students and parents between report cards.
    • This year, some schools have added a couple of parent-teacher meetings between report cards.
    • This year, administrators reviewed feedback strategies within their schools and developed school-specific plans to improve consistency in responding to parents and students between report cards.
    • This year, the Board chose to make one question in the Thoughtexchange about checking in on how well we are meeting your needs with respect to feedback.

  • In previous years, you have asked for greater options and extracurricular for students.
    • We have responded with dynamic options in elementary, and dual-credit options (Healthcare Career Pathways, Administrative Professional Program, Hospitality, Tourism and Management, Computer Science Principles Advanced Placement) in senior high schools. In junior high schools, attention to scheduling students’ options have been a priority to ensure that students have many of their “top” choices when timetables are put in place.

There are two questions in this exchange:

  1. How does your school provide feedback on student learning between report cards and tests, and what could your school do differently?

  2. How does your school support students to develop as leaders inside and outside of the school to know and be like Jesus Christ?

The process can take as little as five minutes or as much time as you choose to give it.

To participate, please visit the following link: ThoughtExchange Survey Link

  • Please share all your thoughts to address the questions.
  • Read the thoughts of other participants and assign 1-5 stars to show how important each idea is before going on to answer the second question.

You will also have a chance to discover the top thoughts in the conversation. Please visit the exchange often to add comments and rate other's comments until it closes on March 20, 2020.

Feedback from the exchange will be shared with participants and posted to the division website before the end of the school year. Thank you for your important contributions!


God bless,

Joe Becigneul, Board Chair
Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

Posted: February 21, 2020